How do I get a stall?

See our dedicated page for stallholders.

How do I get a spot on stage?

Fill in the contact form or email cranbrookfestival@hotmail.com

We are usually spoilt for choice, given the limited time we have in one day. Please let us know your rates, requirements, contact details and link to any showreel etc.

What food will be available?

A selection of food and drink will be available from stalls, along with a ‘Festival Specials’ menu from The Cranberry Farm pub

Why is the festival located at the Cranberry Farm?

The festival currently operates on a small budget and with limited organising resources. By partnering with the Cranberry Farm (Hall & Woodhouse), the festival can take advantage of the pub’s facilities: a good location, a large area of hard standing, food and drink provision, sanitation, power supplies, entertainment licensing and commercial insurance. The festival committee are not charged for any of these resources.

In addition to the resources listed above, the festival receives significant cash contributions from Hall & Woodhouse towards the operating costs of the festival, helping it to remain free to attend.

What’s the wet weather plan?

The plan, in short, is:

If it’s a bit rainy, go ahead and get a bit wet or
If it’s a lot rainy, to call it off for this year and roll everything over to next year as much as we can.

We are unable to stage any wet-weather entertainment inside the pub, as it’s just not big enough.

All our social media pages and this website will be updated as soon as possible, should it be necessary to cancel the festival for any reason. Otherwise, the festival will be going ahead as planned.

How can I get involved?

A small committee of volunteers run the festival. In accordance with the constitution, anyone living locally or part of a business/organisation locally can join the committee, provided you support the aims of the festival. Drop us a note and we can tell you more.

How is the festival funded?

In terms of the financial and practical value of help, the biggest donors to the festival in 2024 are Hall & Woodhouse (operators of the Cranberry Farm) we have a full list of sponsors on the sponsor page. Several local companies give us their support for which we are very grateful, and a modest pitch fee is charged to stall holders.

As a result, there is no entrance fee for visitors. We ask for voluntary donations in the collecting buckets, which are passed to local charities.

What happens to the proceeds of the festival?

The festival is a non-profit making society.

After operating costs are paid, any surplus from this year will be put towards the following year’s festival costs.

The committee members are not paid to organise the festival, although some committee members operate commercially on the festival day, for example as stall-holders or running other services.

Should the festival close down, any funds held will be donated to local charity, in accordance with the Cranbrook Festival constitution.